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My Hero Academia Chapter 332 Discussion


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You know this moment kinds of feels inevitable. Star absolutely has to lose this fight or the fight gets interrupted somehow. But its hard for me to imagine that Star just walks away from this fight unscathed she's just way too powerful. That smile at the end though...I feel like maybe she applied another rule or she has a secret third rule, maybe that anyone that touches her loses their quirk or something along those lines. Presumably she would know about Shigaraki's Decay quirk so she would hopefully have some type of plan prepared. Of course based on the way these last panels were written we could also assume that its possible she wasn't willing to kill her men to kill Shigaraki so she is sacrificing herself so that they can live. That thought doesn't entirely jive with me though.

Star should know that allowing him to kill her is a huge loss to the super hero community and from what I've seen so far, the entire my hero academia world. You would think she would only intentionally sacrifice her life unless she was able to deal a critical blow of some type as well. I can't wait to get more answers! It would be a shame if Star and Midoriya never meet. She seems to be operating on old information. Presumably Stars and Stripes and her men are unaware of Midorya's capabilities.

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