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Eternals (2021) Movie Discussion

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First let me say I really enjoyed the Eternals. I didn't find the film divisive at all. I do understand why it seems like it's harder for some fans to connect. For one, the film skips around a lot. It uses flashbacks to kind of establish the Eternals, their internal relationships and their purpose on earth. Because these flashbacks happen at different time periods, I think it creates a little disorientation for some. However, I loved the flashbacks. For me it was cool to see how they may have influenced different parts of history. One minor earth history plot hole though is that it seems almost impossible that the Eternals could leave a larger impact on earths history than Asgard. The Eternals seemed to have adopted a non-interventionist policy. And the Asgardains have obviously been to earth a number of times.

Ikaris, played by Richard Madden is a pretty cool character but he is also a bit perplexing. He is easily the most powerful Eternal. Yet, his power level seems to rise and fall throughout the movie. In one scene he'll be nearly unstoppable and then in the next he is getting knocked and almost killed by a little grunt. How can one Eternal be that much more powerful than all the rest? And don't get me started on Druig(Barry Keoghan), with his power he could have been king of earth! But his combat ability is near zero when fighting Deviants. In fact, when sizing up the Eternals as a superhero team, they weren't very powerful at all. Four were really weak and the way they were portrayed makes you doubt they could ever beat a deviant by themselves. 

Eternals greatest strength was also its biggest weakness. Marvel introduced a lot of characters into one single movie. Some were really cool right from the jump, others showed some great potential, there were a few that just felt flat and one that didn't get enough screen time(Kit Harington). If we view this as just a piece of Marvel content, this is a pretty great way of introducing more characters into the marvel cinematic universe. However as a movie because its introducing so many characters and there is no quote on quote main character it suffers from a lack of focus. I've seen some people suggest that Eternals would have served better as a series and not a movie. I agree, in its current form it would have been much better as a TV show to give the audience more time to get to know the characters and explore their relationships before the big betrayal! But at this point the genie is out of the bottle so there is no reason to focus on that.

Again I have To give Richard Madden his props, he did a great job of making me not care for him at all. He plays the icy superior character well. Even before his betrayal, I liked his power but something about him made me not really care for the guy. I take that as a good sign, that he really did a great job acting the part but still gave us enough non verbal hints to not be at ease around his character. Of course it helps that we are introduced to Kit Harington's character in the beginning and he plays a very charming, very likable male protagonist, the complete opposite of Ikaris. I think Kit is going to have a very big role in the MCU moving forward.

I loved Angelina Jolie as Athena. Seeing Angelina play more of a side role character feels like she was a bit undercast but she got a fair bit of screen time and a nice spotlight as one of the most powerful Eternals. and can you guys imagine if Phastos(the engineer/inventor) played by Brian Tyree Henry ever met up with Rocket from Guardians of The Galaxy? They would definitely get up to some crazy, crazy stuff. Disney you need to make it happen! One last note on Athena I think she is a prime candidate to join the new Asgard or at least meet Thor and the rest of the Guardians in space at some point.

By far the most Marvel-like Eternal was Kingo played by Kumail Nanjiani. I didn't like the fact that he skipped out on the biggest fight. That was a very small moment for his character. But in terms of sheer entertainment value he did deliver. He brought a lot of the gags and jokes that the MCU in known for. I'm low key wondering if his cameraman didn't capture some footage that will somehow be important later on down the line. I believe that they undersold Makkari having super speed able to run around the planet in what seemed like seconds is a pretty significant ability. There is no way that Ikaris or anyone else such as an Eternal or Deviant should have been able to keep up with her. Her budding romance with Druig was pretty cool. Gilgamesh is the type of teammate everyone wishes they had. He was the strongest Eternal I really didn't care for the way he went out, against the boss deviant. I would have preferred that he got overwhelmed by like 20 of the small ones, sacrificing himself for Athena.

And last but not least "tinkerbell" aka Sprite. She's the one that really gets under your skin. She's able to create illusions but also it seems they are able to teleport?(In the ship her and Ikaris just vanish and end up somewhere else) Her powers weren't full explained. I know I can't be the only one that was thinking that she went with Ikaris because she was trying to trick him. But she was actually on his side because she was in love with him??? When did this happen? They never showed this. Plus for a movie that is introducing so much adding two love triangles is a bit of a stretch. That being said that's not what irked me about her character. Waht irked me is that she stabs Sersi in the back but then at the end is forgiven. Ikaris at least had the good sense to fly into the sun but for "tinkerbell" betrayal is obviously a small matter like ordering the wrong combo meal at a fast food shop. One could make an argument that having "tinkerbell" disappear" with her fate unknown would make for a better storyline as she could cause some trouble down the line. I must admit, I do find it curious that Arishem made her in the form of a little girl. In another life she could have been some form of Loki with all her illusions.

All in all as a movie that expands the MCU I give it a solid 7/10, above average. I was disappointed how the deviant plot line ended, I thought there was some potential there. It seems significant that the boss could absorb the Eternals powers. Thinking back on them, the Deviants give me a Chimera Ant vibe. Shout out to all my Hunter X Hunter fans🤣.

I wonder if Spider-man no way home is going to mention that a huge Celestial body is just floating somewhere out in the middle of the Pacific or whatever ocean that is. Also earth must have seen the celestial Arishem come to earth and then leave but based on the trailers so far for spider man no way home, we haven't had any hints(that I'm aware of). Maybe the events of spider-man and the Eternals are happening at around the same time and some big stuff will happen towards the end of the movie.

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