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My Hero Academia Chapter 331 Discussion


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Star and Stripe's power is pretty cool to watch. I can tell that the creator had a lot of excitement for the character. He has made her crazy strong! But she is owning Shigaraki/All for one so thoroughly right now that Im sure everybody knows that he's about to get the upper hand any minute now. If All for One was able to steal her power it would have to be considered an insurmountable advantage. She must have some kind of secret rule in place so her quirk can never be stolen because I know any moment now All for One is about to reach in to his bag of tricks.

Also how in the world does she get authorization to launch a missile strike into Japan and her handler just kind of okays it! Like its no big deal!

This fight also has me concerned a bit about the power levels. At this point who else could possibly even dream of competing with All For One?

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