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Gaming: What Are Your Top 5 Favorite RPGs of All Time?

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This list was a lot harder to make then it looks and I'm still not totally satisfied with it. That being said, I feel like it covers a lot of ground and probably looks a lot different than most other people's top 5. Fallout, The Witcher and Mass Effect get honorable mentions. I know Mass Effect fans will roll their eyes. For the record I love the Mass Effect franchise(I've even warmed up to andromeda) but I can only pick 5!😅  I tried to get into Baldur's Gate back in the day and I just couldn't do it. I think Bethesda's upcoming RPG Starfield is going to be the next classic! 

So without further ado, in no particular order, here is my list!

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Everyone was taking arrows to the knee when Skyrim first came out! It's a modern day classic. The expansions only added more goodies to the mix. The perfect open world game for its time!

Final Fantasy 7
I think Final Fantasy 7 has been released on every PlayStation console since the original came out way back in 1997. Due to its popularity we've gotten a movie and multiple spinoffs and finally a 4k remake! For many this game is the greatest RPG of all time.

Final Fantasy 8
This is probably my most controversial pick. Final Fantasy 8 has plenty of fans but there are a number of Final Fantasy fans that seem to have a love hate relationship with the game. I loved the story even more than Final Fantasy 7 as this one felt more personal. In 7 we are trying to save the world, in 8 we are trying to save our notion of time itself! Mixed in between are a few young adults trying to recover their memories and find themselves.

Dragon Age Origins
I wish the Dragon Age franchise would go back to this style of storytelling. Dragon Age Origins is easily the best Dragon Age game in the entire franchise. I like the improvements to combat that have been made in Dragon Age Inquisition but their is something special about the way the plot in Dragon Age Origins is connected to the gameplay and player choices. At the start of the game your character has a unique origin story that plays out over about 15 minutes. This origin will have an impact on how your story unfolds later. And then of course the overall choices that we make in Dragon Age Origins feel way more impactful then the other Dragon Age games. Especially the ones we make at the end.

Star Wars Galaxies
This is still my favorite MMORPG of all time. Players had a number of professions to choose from. You could be a bounty hunter, commando, trader, smuggler, medic and more! Players could survey for resources and set up mining operations, we could design weapons and armor. And if you were extremely lucky, you accidently unlock the force and start training to be a Jedi. It was a well thought out game that attempted to bring the Star Wars universe to life for players.

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