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I just got through playing Ryse Son of Rome on Gamepass and I gotta tell you guys, wow! I'm impressed. I waited far too long to play this game. I know critics really hammered this game because of its simplistic controls but I loved this game. It's presentation is top notch and it told a pretty straightforward story of revenge that I found highly enjoyable.

Some of the influential romans in the game were pretty well acted. The music was grand and impactful. It had all the elements you could want in a action focused  launch title meant to show off the graphics engine and consoles capabilities.

Also there were some nice story wrinkles, such as some deities seemingly involved. The only problem is they didn't really expand on this part much at all.

The true magic of the game is that you actually feel like you were a roman commander leading men into battle. You tell them when to put their shields up, when to throw spears. You go on flanking missions, and rescue missions. There is an intense gladiator battle that you participate in. The colosseum is able to literally able to transform to change the layout and design, that was a nice touch. But the best part without a doubt was when we had to go into Britannia. They have this awesome scene involving a wicker man. It really needs to be seen in-game to be fully appreciated!

This is basically an almost arcade like game based on some good old historical fiction. If they were to remake this game and instead add in some RPG elements from Dragon Age Inquisition mixed this game would have been a masterpiece. The devs just needed to add a little more to it to make players really respect it. But all in all as a launch title and showcase piece, this game knocked it out of the park!

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