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Demon Slayer : Mugen Train Arc Episode 3 Discussion


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Spoilers abound!

  • The animation is gorgeous as always.
  • I'm glad to see that Tanjiro is slowly starting to wake up.
  • I knew Nezuko was gonna help him! That was too obvious. Still it was cool to see how she did it.
  • It's hilarious that Tanjiro's friends are both dreaming of Nezuko.
  • The surprise and highlight of the episode was Tanjiro's father popping up out of nowhere telling him that there is something he must cut. Awesome scene.
  • Another great moment was when Rengoku's unconscious body started choking that dude that was trying to destroy his spirit in the dream world. His survival instinct is strong!
  • I really want to know Rengoku's father's backstory. I feel like we'll find out soon enough.
  • I just knew when the kid in Tanjiro's dream world saw his inner world it would be like heaven, something really peaceful. I like how they depicted it.
  • Side note: Am I the only one getting inception level vibes from this? They even have this weird little dream ropes that let the kids share dreams. Very inception like. If this was dragon ball z, Tanjiro would use the ropes from training. Something like 3 days in the dream world is an hour in the real world type of thing. He'd wake up with crazy skills but then his body wouldn't be able to keep up 😅
  • Either way great episode. My only complaint is that they are coming out one by one! The wait is difficult but I'm enjoying each episode immensely. 
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