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Is It True That Xbox Has No Games?

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I think this is an interesting topic, because for the longest time Xbox was definitely lagging behind Sony when it came to first party exclusives. Their strategy was largely, hey lets create a great platform for publishers to develop and distribute games.

However, this is no longer the case. Xbox now has over 20 first party studios developing games. And with the acquisition of Bethesda they technically have a ton of very popular first party games in their back catalog. I guess console wars I fun to engage in but I'll be interested to see what happens when Xbox starts dropping 1 big party game every quarter like clockwork. Or what people will say once gamepass subscribers reach 30 million.

We haven't heard in official game pass subscriber numbers in a while now but I suspect Xbox is currently in the 20 million range. I've said this before but I'll say it again, once they are in the 30 million range they will be generating enough revenue from gamepass(In excess of 300 million) to fund a AAA game every single month. I truly believe, that given enough time, Xbox can easily reach 60 million subscribers. This would give them over 7 billion dollars of revenue from gamepass alone. How could any other company compete with that. Microsoft would undoubtedly take some money off the top but can you imagine what would happen if Xbox funneled most of that money back into game development? Netflix right now has over 200 million subscribers. Gamepass has a ton of room to grow. And overtime games available to the average sbscribers is just going to keep increasing. After awhile its going to be insurmountable. I full expect subscriber numbers to jump once Halo infinite and Starfield start dropping.


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