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What did you think about The Matrix Resurrections Official Trailer 1?


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Wow, there is a lot to unpack here. It seems like they've brought the big three back from the first trilogy. Even the oracle seems to be making a return. One of the more interesting theories I've seen suggested about his movie is that the events of the first trilogy was just another method of control. That Zion, agent smith, the nebuchadnezzar, sentinels etc was just a deeper layer of the matrix, which was designed to help keep the few humans that reject the top layer of the matrix under control. This theory would help explain why the big three are back.

Also shout out to Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as it seems that he is replacing Laurence Fishbourne as Morpheus. That is a tough role for anyone to try to follow. In my opinion Fishbourne had a certain demeanor, a manner of speaking that is very distinct and to be honest irreplaceable. I hope fans of the original aren't too hard on Yahya. Hopefully they take his character in a different direction stylistically and story wise. Perhaps we'll discover that Morpheus is more of a title. Who knows.

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