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Chris Broussard Says That Ben Simmons is "Playing the Victim Role"


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Around the 7:07 mark Chris Broussard says that Ben Simmons is playing the victim. And I totally disagree with him. I don't think Ben is playing the victim at all.

The star player and the coach, both threw him under the bus, 'PUBLICLY'. The real question is who wants to play for leaders that PUBLICLY demonstrate a lack of faith in you? Ben didn't say anything negative about his coach or about Embiid 'PUBLICLY'. And its been an open secret that Philly has been trying to trade him for months. Why in the world would he want to continue playing in Philly? Who would want to play for an organization that doesn't believe in them? I hope he gets traded before training camp and if he doesn't I hope he sits out.

It's unacceptable for the coach and star player of the team to publicly show a lack of faith. Any problems you have, regarding strategy, effort or decision making, you handle that behind closed doors. Ben hasn't said a word publicly! But he's had to sit by and listen to trade rumors every single day for months and media dissect and analyze his play for months and every time they do, they almost always support their analysis with commentary from Doc Rivers and Joel Embiid. The same ones that should have had his back, are being quoted to support a negative analysis of his game.

Who in their right mind would want to play for that type of organization? Honestly. Just imagine you're at work and your manager expressed a lack of faith in your skill and decision making and then your other co worker which is supposedly the top performer in the company comes right behind him and seemingly does the exact same thing, just in unspecific language. And then everyday on the news, you hear about how the human resources department, at your job is trying to figure out the most beneficial way for the company to get rid of you. You wouldn't want to stay. It's that easy.

This whole situation is laughable. I promise you this though. Ben Simmons has so much talent. By the end, he will have had the last laugh. What all star level player or above would ever want to go to the 76ers and stay for the long haul after witnessing how the organization treats what's supposed to be their 2nd best player. 

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