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What Did You Think About The Spiderman No Way Home - Official Trailer?

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So it looks like Spiderman and Dr. Strange get into a bit of mischief trying to get Peter Parker's life back on track however things go wrong and then they have to do some clean up duty.

It seems like Spiderman no way home will continue the MCU phase 4 set up of the multiverse and perhaps try to set some rules so that it all makes sense to fans. At this point I'm a bit skeptical. But everything looks cool and I'm sure that fans will be looking forward to seeing the green goblin and Dr. Octopus again.

For me personally,  earth is not nearly as interesting as what's going on in the space, the TVA or the rest of the multiverse. Hopefully at some point, Spiderman finds himself involved in the larger multiverse conflict. The fact that the movie is called no way home seems to suggest that Spiderman will be leaving his current timeline.

Also, is it just me or do you feel like Kevin Feige is going to find a way to give MJ superpowers? After the events of Loki season 1 and WandaVision, it feels like that's the direction things are trending. Plus the stars seem to be aligning for Zendaya, as she's also set to play a huge role part in another big production, Dune. And in Dune part 2 the plan is to center the story around her. So I can definitely see a path for her role to increase in the MCU.

No matter what happens though, I expect by the end of the movie that the multiverse will be in full effect and that the so called sacred timeline will collapse or somehow begin to merge with the other timelines. By the time we get to Dr. Strange's multiverse of madness movie, people will be all kinds of confused 😁 but will love the madness!

What did you think of the new Spiderman No Way Home trailer?

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