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New Final Fantasy 7 Remake Fan Plays the Classic Final Fantasy 7 and is Unimpressed


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A writer on polygon recently played classic Final Fantasy 7 for the first time after first playing the remake and is unimpressed.

This doesn't surprise me at all. The original game released over 20 years ago, graphically, I wouldn't expect it to hold anyone's attention other than people that enjoy retro gaming and fans that carry their sense of nostalgia with them throughout their first playthrough.

For me personally I can start up a new play session and enjoy the classic game almost just like before. The only difference is  I know the plot twist regarding certain characters and while I admit that does take some of the fun out of the game,  the reason that I play is because of the journey, I enjoy leveling up my characters, I don't mind having save points, I think turn based battles are nice as it allows me to just kind of cruise and enjoy the story.

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