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Dallas Mavericks Introduce Jason Kidd and Nico Harrison at Team Press Conference

Herbert Playz

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First of all let me say awesome job Mavericks for choosing this thumbnail. I thought this was an awesome pic for the video.

Now in terms of the overall press conference I was admittedly a little underwhelmed. I prefer a little more flash for an organization that has championship aspirations. They should have dressed up the setting a little bit more. I will say I loved the Maverick pins on Nico and Jason's suits that was a very nice touch. It makes it feel like these two are going all-in with the franchise.

When watching this thing, I got the impression that everyone is still feeling each other out. I would have preferred a little more meat. It seemed like everyone gave nice well intentioned answers but I was hoping for a lot more umph. That was missing.

One notable detail was Jason Kidd's comments about Porzingis and how he is a perfect fit for Luka. It makes it seem like all of the possible trade buzz is all just talk. For me personally I would love to see Porzingis and Luka thrive together. But at the end of the day if they aren't going to workout or are somehow clashing in practice it seems like now or next year would be the perfect time to consider a trade as you have some notable guys getting set for some new contracts. I really like Porzingis though and I hope he gets his agility back because he's a baller.

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