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Do You Think Players Will Be Able To Pilot The Mechanized Unit In Starfield?

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I guess there are a few possible outcomes with the mechanized armor that we see in the trailer. Since the trailer seems to show off the player as part of The Constellation faction, I imagine that the armor is some sort of advanced exploration unit. We will likely be able to control it similar to how NASA controls a probe in real life. In the pics and video that I've seen so far I don't see anything resembling a cockpit, so manual control of this armor seems unlikely.

I think its also important to consider that we are around 300 years in the future so its also very possible that we have an AI that is doing automated tasks with the unit once its been launched from the ship.

A really cool possibility would be if the mechanized unit was actually an extension of the ship. What if the ship is controlled by an AI and when it lands it deploys the mechanized unit to kinda be its avatar to continue its mission on the ground? Perhaps, the ship conducts repairs and routine maintenance using the unit. So many possibilities! I know we'll get more answers in time

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