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Does Dragon Age 4 Have The Same Challenge to Overcome as Mass Effect 3?

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"There is a nice article up on Gamerant that describes the argument in detail. The idea is that Mass Effect 3 had a lot of loose ends to tie up after Mass Effect 2 and they may have ultimately contributed to some fans dissatisfaction with the game. And now Dragon Age 4 is basically in the same position."

My Thoughts
While I agree that there are some loose ends that need to be tied up, I don't personally see any reason why they won't be able to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion by the end of the game.

The Lore
For one, Dragon Age's lore has always been extremely dense. There have been tons of texts scattered throughout the game that explained the history of the world and the many different locations, peoples and events. Bioware could simply spread little tidbits of information throughout future games.


Solas, Flemeth and The Elves
As far as the next game, I suspect we'll get tons of answers about Solas, Flemeth and the Elves. I expect that to be tied off pretty well. If Bioware does this, I suspect, most fans will be very pleased with Dragon Age 4.

The Fade and Other Mysteries
As to the point about the Fade and other mysteries, I suspect that we'll not get all of those answers in one game. And I don't see any reason why we need to. The world is huge there is still a ton of different ways that they could go with the story. The Dragon Age series is not going anywhere. Mass Effect and Dragon Age are Bioware's most recognizable IPs to date. They both have large fan bases. Its very possible that Solas is not going to be the big bad boss and we may ultimately discover someone even more sinister.


Player Choice
I'm much more worried about player choice and how our actions will affect the game world. I'm hoping that Bioware gives us some really good alternate endings as well as some game changing decisions.

One thing I loved about the original Dragon Age was you really had an opportunity to roleplay your character. Not only did you get to make big decisions but the choices really felt consequential. For example, depending on who you decided to be, elf, human, dwarf etc, the first 20 minutes of the game was vastly different and had a heavy impact on how the game would play out for you.


Your decision in the late game of Dragon Age: Origins could also heavily change the ending. My decisions in Dragon Age Inquisition, didn't feel quite as impactful. But if Bioware continues its tradition of carrying over player decisions from game to game those choices could become much more important.

I feel like Dragon Age will be highly enjoyable for the vast majority of fans. I've personally all of the Dragon Age games Bioware has produced so far. Dragon Age 2 was my least favorite but it had its moments. I'm confident Dragon Age 4 will have its moments as well. With the huge amount of lore that Bioware has already built up around the 3 games released so far. I feel like the devs have a lot of material to work with, so it's going to be really hard to mess this one up.


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