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My Hero Academia Chapter 317 Discussion


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After a brief discussion amongst the top heroes in regards to All For One's true plans. We see All Might calling the heroes to inform them that Deku has already subdued another villain that was trying to capture him. 

The panel shows Deku using Black Whip to suspend the villain in the air. It's pretty cool because it suggests that perhaps Deku has taken his mastery of Black Whip to another level. Deku even goes further and tell All Might that what he's currently capable of his on par with All Might at 100%. Which is pretty awesome, but it still makes you wonder how Deku would fare in a fight against Shigiraki who is super strong and can send his decay through the ground which seemingly levels entire towns in an instant. I feel like the author is going to have to scale the back with some plot device because that's just way too powerful, there is nothing stopping him from destroying the entire world.

And again it seems that perhaps there's been a mini timeskip. Everytime we see Deku now he is looking darker and darker.  I fully expect Bakugo and Ochako to come along and snap him out of his current: "I must do everything by myself" mode. But I expect things to continue like this for awhile.

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