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My Hero Academia Chapter 315 Discussion


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Lady Nagant
Woahhh. Now that was an unexpected ending! While I always expected Deku to win in some flashy way. I did not expect the ending to be so dark and tragic! Lady Nagant's body seemingly just self destructed!

However, the last panel does hint that Lady Nagant may still survive. Instead of dying she may be severely injured. Hawks arrives just in time to catch Lady Nagant before she falls to the ground. If she's still breathing can Erie rewind her back to her former state? That would be awesome. Hopefully this time we would actually be able to see it instead of it happening off screen like it did with Mirio.

All For One
This brings up a larger question though, just how powerful is All For One and how much can he see? It seems like he can spontaneously make someone self-destruct? That makes no sense at all. Could that be another quirk that he's added to his inventory? And how does he know exactly when to make it happen? I'm sure we'll get an explanation at some point but how on earth will Deku ever be able to go toe to toe with All For One and Shigiraki? For that matter how was All Might able to fight him one on one? In hindsight it seems like All For One was holding back when he fought All Might.

New Theory On All For One's Quirk
On first read, I figured that All For One's words in this chapter were just basic evil villain talk but after reading the chapter again, I thought to myself, what if All For One's quirk is actually something much more complicated than simply stealing and transferring quirks.

What if All For One's true power was  creating some kind of quirk contract with and individual? Is it possible that when he steals a quirk he has to give something in return? Maybe he has to transfer part of his health or vitality in exchange when he takes someone else's quirk. And in the same way, when he gives a quirk to someone, perhaps he can set choose to set a condition on the transfer i.e. requiring that the receiver grants him a portion of their lifeforce or vitality in return but only at a time of his choosing.

That's the only way I can explain what happened to Lady Nagant. I also like the idea that his quirk is more about forming contracts with other people. This would help to explain why All For One is always in a suit, has good communication skills and is so charismatic. He's a businessman! 😅

I'm probably way off but its still cool to think about. I guess we'll find out the full details sooner or later!

The Vestiges
The Lady Nagant surprise ending brings up even more questions. What in the world are the vestiges thinking? Why didn't they warn Deku about everything that All For One is capable of? Why not tell him that he can make people randomly combust from miles away. Surely they would have encountered this and a lot of other things.

It's clear to me now, that the vestiges of One For All are holding back a lot of information from Deku. It almost makes you wonder if they won't try to take over Deku's body at some point just to fight One For All. Some of them have clearly already made it known that they have reservations about Deku's competency.

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