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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 96 - Match 3 Conclusion


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This match was so so for me. I don't care for a draw I prefer for one team to win or lose.

Todoroki was underwhelming. After showing off in the sports festival and fighting the hero killer stain there is no way that Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu should be able to keep up with him.

The other characters even alluded to this, saying that had he opened up with fire instead of ice he likely would have wiped them out instantly. 

Bakugo says it best though, "blasting ice even though it doesn't work is something only small fry would do!" It just made no sense to me and in the bigger picture it feels extremely unnecessary for the author Kohei Horikoshi to hold Todoroki back in this match. I didn't feel like any true character development for him occurred. His two quirks make him a beast. Unleash him! 😅 I will admit though when he finally got serious with the flames that was pretty awesome.

Lida on the other hand was really cool. It always seems like he gets himself into a jam but then has some cool scene where he's busting out. I guess its really easy to think of cool scenarios for superheros with super speed. Superman's scene in justice league against the flash while holding off the other justice league hero's come to mind, also quicksilvers scenes in xmen,.

The way they did Pony Tsunotori is actually pretty cool. Although I didn't like the way the match ultimately ended her quirk is pretty awesome. It reminds you a bit of Hawks quirk.

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