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My Hero Academia Season 5- Episode 97 - Early Bird


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As always Bakugo makes it look easy. With him leading the way the rest of the team just kind of falls in line for an overwhelming win.

The girl from class 1-B, Setsuna Tokage has a really cool quirk but the problem for her is that it doesn't have much offensive firepower. Being able to split apart and have a certain degree of body regeneration is still cool though.

If anything, this match just sets a high bar for Midoriya to keep up with Bakugo. It also inspires Shinso and Monoma to go all out. Monooma actually has a really cool quirk. I don't care for his costume as it seems to lack that extravagant over the top superhero look that most of the other characters have but his quirk is top notch. I hope one day Monoma gets an opportunity to shine and really show off his quirk in the anime.

On the last note, I feel bad for Todoroki fans because he had a really bad showing during his match it feels as if he's falling behind Deku and Bakugo.

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