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My Hero Academia Chapter 313 Discussion

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FA Jin!

I think this quirk is going to be pretty interesting because at first glance, it almost seems like another base One for All.

When you think of basic One for All we know that its an enhancement quirk. 

What I don't understand is why does Deku need to use FA Jin at all? We've already seen All might "leap tall buildings in a single bound" basically fly through the air and propel himself using the pure strength of One for all.

So I suspect that this quirk actually does something. From some speculation I've seen online FA Jin seems to be something akin to storing up and releasing explosive energy.

Perhaps this will give Deku the overwhelming strength advantage in a fight against One for All/Shigaraki. Although personally I was hoping for a defensive quirk. Deep in my heart I'm still hoping he has some type of revival quirk where Deku can't be hurt but if he dies he is revived after a short time.(One can dream!)

Either way, I'm looking forward to the next chapter, so we can get a more detailed explanation of his new quirk Fa Jin. I suspect its not going to be quite what we expect since it would make it incredibly similar to One for All's normal strength enhancement.

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