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Kentaro Miura, Creator Of The Berserk Manga, Dies At Age 54


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The article says he died of acute aortic dissection. I looked it up and that sounds really bad. Prayers and best wishes to him and his family. I was a big fan.

Wow this one was a shocker when I read it yesterday.

This manga series has been in production for so long. When I first came into contact with it, it was through the anime series. I decided to rent it from blockbuster on a whim because I liked the box cover lol. At that point I had never heard of it.

I watched that first anime and thought the story was incredible. And of course it was incomplete! So I had to start reading the manga and of course I was glad I did. As much as I enjoyed the anime it didn't come anywhere close to as good as the manga was.

I soon developed a strong appreciation for Berserk. The art was amazing and the story was unique, horrifying and incredibly tragic. In my mind it is in the conversation for the greatest fantasy story ever made.

Yep, I said it, story wise, its right up there with Lord of the rings, A song of ice and fire etc. Based on the medium it does have its limitations and its definitely not perfect. But it takes the reader on an unforgettable journey that's unlike anything they've ever read before. I will admit, that in the later years, I haven't enjoyed it as much as I did in its inception before everything changed(fans know what I mean).

It's sad that they could never get a dedicated anime studio to work on the series all the way through. I'm sure part of the reason is because of the mature content in the series. And of course the infrequent publishing.

Maybe now though the property will get licensed to a company that decides to do the entire story from beginning to end. 

I think they should heavily consider doing a live action version on HBO it would get a ton of views and it would generate a lot of conversation.

And then of course the original fans would want to see a complete anime from beginning to end.


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