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Lord of The Rings Prequel - Amazon Studios chief Jennifer Salke said "A giant, global audience needs to show up to it as appointment television"

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I think this is a pretty interesting statement. In my mind Middle earth and the Lord of the rings universe already appeals to a global audience which is part of the reason Amazon bought its film rights in the first place.

By just creating new lord of the rings content I think that virtually guarantees a high number of interested viewers. Now I don't know how many new subscribers that will generate for Amazon. Its already so big that it may not even move the needle at all. But perhaps it will get some prime members to start using their services more.

A prime example of this would be when HBO max dropped the snyder cut. At that point I was already subscribed to HBO Max. Now from what I've read most people didn't even finish watching the Snyder cut. But personally I can tell you its made me use the service a lot more often. As a matter of fact I'm watching the mare of easttown right now. That's not something I would usually watch but I've become so accustomed to logging in and checking for interesting content that I decided to use it. So maybe having this type of content will encourage subscriber retention and will influence people to stay connected with the amazon brand and interested in using other parts of their service.

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