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Do You Like The New Black and Red PS5 DualSense Controllers?

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I think they look pretty sweet. The midnight black controller reminds you of the old school Sony consoles: PS4,PS3, PS2. The Cosmic Red(I love that name) just looks really cool. I hope Sony is planning to release a lot more controller colors in the near future.

One thing about console controllers that I'd like to add is that, I don't understand why console manufacturers like Sony, Nintendo and Xbox don't release limited edition controllers every single year.

I think it would be a great way of promoting and hyping the brand to each company's super fans. But it would also be a great way to startup a whole industry of collectors items. I mean just imagine if Sony released some really sick looking graphics art controllers with the last of us theming. They could have Joel on one controller and Ellie on another and could emboss some of the infected on there as well to really set it off. And don't even get me started on all of the cool things they could do with the God of War franchise. Checkout this cool controller below.

Now don't get me wrong, some people would probably hate that controller. And that's okay its not for them! But there is a small segment of the population that would absolutely love it and wouldn't mind spending some extra moola to add it to their collection.

The last I heard, the video game industry is bigger than the movies and sports industry combined! Sports collecting is huge. People are paying millions of dollars to collect cards. In one example someone paid 5.2 million dollars for a Lebron James Rookie card. For the record that's more money than Lebron James made from the Cleveland Cavaliers that year! I'm sure he made way more than that in total when you count in endorsements but his contract his rookie year didn't pay him 5.2 million dollars. That's amazing.

When these industries get so big a so successful you are gonna have tons of fans like this. And I think its a good thing. So I would love to see a lot more collectibles by the console manufacturers. Controllers and consoles are a great place to start!

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