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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 95 - Match 3


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Neito Monoma has got to be the guy that everyone loves to hate. He is just absolutely ridiculous. I love how he is so unapologetically pro class B. I can't wait until he gets a chance to compete in one of the upcoming matches. His copy quirk really has the power to be OP so I can't wait to see how he uses it in the anime.

All Might pulling Deku to the side is a nice touch to remind viewers that some weird stuff has been going on with Deku's quirk recently. Whenever they put Bakugo and Deku in the same scene and give them dialogue together has always been some of the best scenes in the anime. Their personalities really seem to play off each other well.

Watching that brief exchange between Tokoyami and Todoroki makes me want to go back to season 4 and view that last fight with Endeavor and Hawks taking on that high end Nomu. That prominence burn was awesome.

And is it just me or does it seem like a team of Todoroki, Lida, Shoji and Ojiro is just a little unfair. There is no way these guys should lose. They've all had a lot of battle experience to this point. Todoroki at times feels like he could easily take out 4 people by himself.

I've always felt that Tetsutetsu's quirk was pretty good as well. He is simultaneously offense and defense. On the other hand mudman's quirk softening only seems to be useful in this battle. I feel like he would get overwhelmed pretty quickly if he had to fight someone with a physically strong quirk. I feel pretty much the same way about the spiral guy.

Either way this episode is mainly just set up for the next episode. Not a lot of really cool moments to enjoy yet. But slowly but surely we are getting there. On a whole I'm pretty pleased with the pace of the matches. My fear was that this mini training arc might be stretched over too many episodes but we are actually burning right through the matches. 

Episode score = 6 out of 10

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