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My Hero Academia Chapter 311 Discussion


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I'm so tired of all the citizens trashing Endeavor whenever and wherever they see him.

At the end of the day you have to appreciate the guys that are fighting for you. Not asking you for any money or support. But he just goes out there and puts his life on the line everyday. Endeavor just looks pitiful in every scene that he's in lately. I miss the old Endeavor.

I have a lot more respect for best Jeanist, then I had in the beginning. He's smart, clever and he always seems to be doing something extremely useful whenever he shows up. My only problem with him now is that if he was this good, this talented, he should have been able to teach Bakugo a lot more during his internship with him. 

As far as Deku goes this chapter, I have several thoughts. Number one, I feel like danger sense should have alerted him to the presence of the new girl. Nobody should be getting the drop on Deku anymore. Maybe Deku will have a small internal monologue explaining why danger sense didn't warn him next chapter.

It seems like the new girl can form guns from her arm. That's and odd ability but what's interesting to me is that she talks like she can actually take him out which is a bit ridiculous. Surely she would have been warned by All for one and Overhaul(which appears to be on the ground sitting next to her.) how powerful Deku is. He doesn't even have to get close, he could just send one of those wind blasts at her. Of course at this point its likely that she doesn't know about his smokescreen quirk which will make it impossible to target him from long range.

The set up for this fight feels all wrong. Having seen Deku go up against Overhaul and All for one. Anyone without a total monster of a quirk just gives me no fear at all. She doesn't stand a chance. Would I imagine though is that those two are only there to talk and possibly team up. Overhaul has no love for Shigiraki after being robbed of his hand he probably hates him. The fact is Overhaul has every reason to do exactly what One for all successors want Deku to do.  I highly doubt he helps Shigaraki by trying to capture Deku.

After a brief clash, I expect a lot of exposition, with Overhaul likely sharing what All for one has been up to and hatching a plan with Deku to pursue All for one. What would be really interesting though is if they take Overhaul to Erie and she rewinds overhaul to give him back his quirk. That would be very very interesting. Love him or hate him overhaul's quirk is extremely powerful. He would be a good ally to have, if you could trust him. Maybe that's his thinking. He's willing to help Deku get Shigaraki and All for one if Deku will have Eri rewind him and give him back his quirk.

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