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Does Xbox Have a Chance of Outselling PlayStation On This New Generation of Consoles?

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I think Xbox has a legitimate chance of outselling the PS5 this gen due to Game Pass. In 2 and a half years from release, when Microsoft's first party games are hitting every quarter I think Game Pass' value proposition will be too hard to ignore for most casual and hardcore gamers.

I feel like the big predictor on who will come out on top with sales will be the performance of Bethesda's highly anticipated RPG, Starfield. Starfield will release just after the 2 year anniversary of Xbox series x/s . This is an important date as Xbox has previously stated that first party games released during the first 2 years of Xbox series x/s would be available to last gen and next gen consoles. Starfield is scheduled to release right after this day. This means the game will not be constrained by last gen hardware and gives the dev team the opportunity to really create a true next gen experience.

All Game Pass subscribers will have access to Starfield on day 1 of release, for no additional charges. Recent estimates(in January 2022) put Game Pass subscriber numbers at around 25 million. That means there will be millions of people playing this game on release and there will be thousands upon thousands of gamers streaming Starfield on twitch, uploading let's play sessions on YouTube and sharing screenshots on twitter at the snap of a finger!

To put that in perspective Elden Ring sold around 12 million copies within the first month, and the internet was overrun with Elden Ring content. This was a marketing bonanza. I feel like this created a snowball effect for Elden Ring that greatly increased sales. Likewise Starfield will be available to over 25 million people in just one day, we will have more than double the amount of people creating Starfield related content. As long as console supply problems aren't an issue, this is definitely going to generate additional hardware sales. If the game scores a solid 8.5 or above its going to be viewed as a must have game because people are going to be overwhelmed with Starfield content every single day.

I also believe that this cycle will only repeat itself with each new first party release on Game Pass, which will likely start every quarter after Starfield. Either way, I plan on owning Xbox and PlayStation. There are gonna be a ton of must play games on both consoles this gen but I think Xbox has a competitive advantage due to Game Pass and its massive ability to create marketing hype due to its huge subscriber base. Only time will tell who prevails.

What a great time to be a gamer!

Credit to Klobrille for the image

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