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Will Xbox Turn A Profit On This New Generation of Xbox Consoles?

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I just read an article on IGN that says Xbox has never turned a profit on any of its devices.

That's an interesting article but I think its totally irrelevant. If Microsoft gets enough consumers and developers using its platform and services I'm sure they will be more than happy to continue using Xbox as a sort of loss leaders to increase their fan base.

If Microsoft were ever able to somehow break through and get Nintendo onto Xbox game pass, that will be the day they declare victory in the gaming world. There is something about Nintendo that people love. I've often times heard older people that don't play games literally say "Do you have the latest Nintendo?" Or I bought my son or grandson the latest Nintendo.  And they are not asking about Nintendo per se but what they are really talking about is the latest gaming console. Much the same way some people say Kleenex to refer to tissue.

But to answer the question, no I don't think Xbox will be profiting off of the next generation of consoles. Because it appears their goal is to profit off of the games, downloads and services that are provided.

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