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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 94 - Foresight


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Unfortunately, I feel like this episode of My hero academia was by far the weakest of the season so far.

I felt like it lacked emotional impact and the action scenes were just not very rewarding.

I like Yaoyorozu and Tokoyami a lot but the plotting for this episode was just not right.

The mushroom girl Shemage's power seemed a lot cooler in the manga, a lot more sinister, however the way they presented in the anime is kind of lighthearted.

When I first read this part in the manga I was like wow this girl is actually a cheat code. Her quirk is actually an extremely powerful area of effect ability that can incapacitate and likely kill anyone around her.

I feel like the anime just didn't fully acknowledge just how powerful her quirk is.

Yaoyorozu tying herself to Kendo to slow her down was a funny touch. But it feels like Yaoyorozu is another one that is kind of underutilizing her quirk. They make her a pretty girl that lacks confidence. Which is too bad. They are pretty much sticking to manga version of her so I won't criticize too much. I just hope by the end of the series she really starts to improve and takes advantage of the true power of her quirk.

Either way though I'm glad this round is over. I'm looking forward to seeing how they animate Todoroki and Lida in the next round.

I expect the next two episodes to be really exciting.

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