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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 93 - Operation New Improv Moves


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Tokoyami steals the show. He exchanged some cool lines with the other darkness guy from class B and then it shows some cool results from his training with Hawks.

They've also set up a sort of rivalry between Kendo from class B and yaoyorozu from class A. While they are not neccessarily heavy hitters they are pretty much the leaders of their respective teams and it will be nice to see the battle of wits.

Some of the other characters with unknown quirks will have a chance to shine as well. It looks like mushroom girl will get a chance to show out next.

And last but not least, Shinso gets a lot more attention. They made special emphasis to point out that Shinso was not able to show off his skill with the binding cloths. If Shinso gets Aizawa level efficiency with them he will be a lot more useful.


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