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My Hero Academia Season 5 - Episode 92 - Make It Happen, Shinso!

Herbert Playz

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It's gonna be a long time before we get to see Deku's fight, in the mean time the other guys are making it interesting. I really like the beast dude from class B, he's really strong and it seems like he benefits from other animal related traits, like his sense of smell and hearing.

Shinso once again gets to shine here. I just don't know how useful he can be without a team. His quirk is extremely effective at disrupting the communications but when he's cornered by a user with a powerful quirk such as Bakugo, Todoroki or someone like Muscular, and they know the conditions for him to activate his quirk, Shinso is going to get blown away.

Kaminari has been disappointing. I love his character but he just seems far to weak for the level of quirk that he has. In my mind he should be right on par with the likes of Bakugo and Todoroki.

Froppy is always adequate and always useful.

Tsuburaba from class B has a lot of potential that I imagine will never be fully realized. He would be more powerful if he could actually control the air, for example solidifying the air in a person's lungs so they couldn't breathe. I guess we'll see if he improves any over time.

Vine from class B its pretty cool. The way they portray her, makes her seem even more powerful than the hairy guy(Nagamasa Mora)from Shiketsu High. 

All things considered this was a solid episode. It looks like Tokoyami will get a chance to shine next episode I can't wait to see how they animate this next part as he shows the results of his training with Hawks.

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