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Some of These NBA Coaches Are Really Hurting The Careers of The Young Guys


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In some cases NBA coaches are really stalling the careers of these young guys, causing teams to develop at a slower rate, and creating inaccurate perceptions of players that can kind of carry over with them throughout their career. This hurts their future opportunities going forward and their overall earning potential .

Julius Randle
Julius Randle put up some good numbers last night 19 points, 15 rebounds, 12 assists 1 steal, 1 block but 0-4 from three.  Final score was Knicks 112 to Nets 114 . The next time Julius touches the court I bet he puts up a thousand threes . If just one of those 4 goes in, the Knicks win the game. It should be obvious to everyone at this point how competitive Julius is and how much work he's willing to put in to win. 

 I hope he gets a big new contract because he's earned it. He has proven all of the doubters wrong. These teams should have seen his work ethic and eventually realized it was going to show up on the court. All he needed was consistent minutes and an opportunity to just develop.

I feel like Luke Walton had a huge negative impact on Julius' career. Luke gave him inconsistent minutes during his entire tenure, made him play out of position as a center and kept demoting him to the bench. No wonder he asked the Lakers to just let him go. He knew they were gonna low ball him on his contract and his minutes were going to decrease even more. And shockingly enough the Lakers let Julius Randle go to reserve cap room. What does that say about how much the team ever valued you? Hopefully the Knicks are smart and lock him up for a long time. Even the casual observer can see how much he wants to win.

James Wiseman
You know its interesting, I'm keeping a close eye on the golden state warriors and how Steve Kerr is talking about Wiseman. Every time I turn around I see Steve Kerr making comments to the press about James Wiseman. This young guy has all the measurables you could want from your NBA center, he's agile and he is very obviously offensively talented but he's young and he just needs some time to develop.

But Steve Kerr is talking about him in the press about how he needs to learn the game and openly talking about his confidence to the press. Its just ridiculous. And I see Kerr making the same mistakes that Luke Walton made. Talking about how development doesn't necessarily mean minutes. Almost all the great NBA players got minutes when they were young. Plenty of chances to mess up. Some people develop at a different pace than others. The problem is Kerr is talking about Wiseman in the press like he's getting 35 minutes a night. Kerr may can get away with talking about a young promising rookie now. But what happens 3-4 years from now when that rookie develops and you want him to sign long term, he's only gonna re-sign for the max. Or what happens when you stifle his development and he doesn't look like the young star everyone hoped he be? He's gonna sign that qualifying offer and then leave the next year if you don't trade him. Once he gets under a coach that just lets him play he'll look like an all star.

As much as I like Steph Curry Warriors aren't going to win the championship this year and I think its very detrimental to talk about your young rookie the way Kerr is. It's easy to look good as a coach when you have 4 proven all star players on your team in your first year. But now that you don't have all of those all stars playing...🙂



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