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Hitman Developer IO Interactive is Making An Original James Bond Game I Hope This Signals the Start of The Age of The Cinematic Experience For Gaming

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I can't wait to see what they do with the James Bond license. In my mind its going to be hard for any James Bond game to beat Goldeneye. But an original story James Bond sounds promising.

I wish we had a lot more cinematic experiences. I really like what Capcom has done with the resident evil franchise recently.

Graphically speaking recent resident evil games are very visually appealing. I don't just want to play those games, I want to experience the atmosphere. I love watching Let's Play sessions of those game because they are so atmospheric. So I hope IO interactive brings that kind of experience to James Bond.

I think a James bond game could have a very similar feel. I think the devs are in a good place if they start with the question of how do I make you want to watch what happens next? How do I create a cinematic experience?

If we ever reach the point of companies doing product placement in games as frequently as they do it in movies we will have reached a special place in gaming. Can you imagine instead of simply seeing the newest Aston martin on screen you get to drive it. You could see the interior, hear the roar of the engine, observe the inside viewing angles from the drivers perspective? This would be much more influential than simply seeing it in a movie. Or what about James Bonds suits and gadgets? The possibilities are endless.

At the end of the day its always first and foremost about the gameplay. But if you make a game atmospheric, cinematic and make the player feel like they are actually experiencing that world, you will truly have something special.

A great example is The Last of Us 2(TLOU2). I was not a fan of the story decisions that the devs made in the game. However, I grade it as a AAA experience. They created an experience that is hard to find in video games today. Again, they didn't just create a game, they created an experience. 

In the next few years I believe there will be a lot more games that start creating cinematic experiences. I'm keeping my eyes on perfect dark. It is currently being developed by the initiative. They have been open an honest, their goal is to create a cinematic experience.

The trailer they have, has the professional voice actor, they start playing some really good cinematic music, it almost feels like a movie trailer. I'm a little concerned in regards to the setting that they've chosen created but I'm very excited to see what they do.

A James Bond game in this vein has a lot of potential let's hope they don't mess it up!



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