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    • I think this was a great first episode. I loved the fact that it was so long! Also seeing all the upper ranks and competing personalities within the infinite castle was pretty cool.

      The one dude looks kind of like Tanjuro I don't think that's his ancestor. But we'll see. Based on Tanjuro's dream I expect that Tanjuro was placed into the body of one of his ancestors that met the man.

      Somehow that man was changed into a demon by Muzan and has been wanting to slay Muzan ever since, that's my guess. Surely , he couldn't have decided to team up with Muzan

    • I feel sorry for anime only fans of attack on titan. The ending has been a long time coming. I look forward to see how they animate thise thing. I'll be honest and say that I personally was not a big fan of the ending. 

    • I've been hearing some good things about Trigun, I'll probably start that series up pretty soon. But the main ones I'm waiting on are demon slayer season 3 and mushoku tensei season 2. Both seem to be due out within the first 6 months of 2023.

    • This was a pretty enjoyable first season for Black Summoner. Its not the flashiest or most thought provoking anime but its not trying to be! It's a breezy adventure meant for anime fans that just want to enjoy the journey with the crew.

      At no point did I expect the protagonist to be in any real danger. Everyone is constantly leveling up to get new skills to overcome the newest conflict of the moment. I kept guessing that some huge plot twist was coming but it never happens. At least not yet. That being said there are few mysteries that have yet to be revealed and I feel like Melfina could still be harboring some important secrets.

      If you like adventure, this is a great anime to watch to pass the time while waiting for your favorite anime to drop new episodes.

      Review Score = 7/10

    • I wasn't expecting Kelvin to fight this level of opponent so soon. I thought they might be sending different army forces at them for awhile before deciding to send someone really strong but it appears I've forgotten what anime I've been watching. Everything stays really breezy, nothing really complex.

      One interesting revelation is that the Trycen general is a reincarnated too seemingly like Kelvin and Rion. Why didn't Melfina tell Kelvin about him? But what's more, it seems like the other Trycen general(I forget his name) is aware of this and is conducting experiments on him to learn more about reincarnated types.

      I smell trouble on the horizon!

    • I feel a sort of vindication, I thought it was very possible that Elfi was half elf and half something not human. Now we know that its somehow possible that Elfi's mom may have had a child with the dragon that attacked the elf village. I know the characters said that's impossible but come on, its fantasy anything's possible.

    • Well this episode was pretty straightforward, but it finally looks like the kingdom of Trycen will be making their move.

    • I was expecting a plot twist where the hero that Kelvin was summoning wouldn't have been keen on being summoned or decided that they weren't gonna be part of his party. Imagine if he summoned someone that was evil! That would have been wild. So instead of spending an entire arc about having to level up to defeat some type of rogue hero it appears that we are gonna spend 1 or 2 episodes leveling up the new team.

      This anime is all about easy fun.

    • The queen falling for Kelvin was extremely predictable. I wonder what her secret is. Her family is obviously from Japan. Or at least we are made to assume that. It makes you wonder if there is some type of secret magic gate in real world japan.

      I thought the pendants Kelvin gave to the other heroes were some type of location tracking devices but it seems like they maybe something a little bit more sinister in case the heroes ever power up too much. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough.

    • Watching Kelvin battle the heroes single handedly is a bit ridiculous but still fun. All the heroes have unique skills and it was cool watching them fight as a team. For about 3 minutes, it almost felt like the anime was about them and not Kelvin. So far there are no real stakes in this anime. Kelvin is just leveling up at lightning fast speed. It doesn't feel like anyone can stop him. He's never in any real danger.

      This anime could turn really interesting in a flash though. If Melfina were to come back and take all of Kelvin's stats and made him start from square one with no special skills that would be significant. But I doubt we'll ever get a twist like that.

    • Sera fits in perfectly with the crew. I wonder how long she's going to stay though. Normally a character like her has the potential to become an enemy down the line. What will likely end up happening though is that Kelvin helps her dethrone some really terrible bad guy and she takes his place.

    • I wasn't expecting it to be confirmed that the masked woman was Suletta's mom so soon but here we are! And how about that ending? Dude loses and instantly proposes to her! 😅

    • Lady Prospera is taking over the role as the man in the mask. I wonder if Lady Prospera is actually Suletta's(Eri's) mom. That would make the most since. Why else would should tell her daughter to take the gundam to the school where it could be discovered by everyone. This has to be a master plan to get revenge on the president.

    • I know I've said this before but this anime really is easy on the eyes. I can already tell that Eri is gonna go through a lot of character growth. I prefer my protagonist to be confident and assertive but we'll see how things develop from here.

      The gundam seems ridiculously overpowered but over the course of the show, I'm expecting a ton of new suits to be developed and upgraded.

      It's an interesting twist to learn that whoever is the Holder of the school becomes the groom to the president's daughter. I wonder why they've set things up like this. There obviously has to be more to it.

    • It really obvious that Sera would join the party. I'm a bit curious that Kelvin agreed, Sera joining is kind of a conflict of interest. I feel like things are really about to start moving now.

      I also suspect the guildmaster may know a little more then he's letting on. He really tried to push Kelvin to go to that dungeon. Sera's introduction into the party is a ticking time bomb.

    • This thing feels eerily similar to shield hero now. We even have 4 legendary heroes in a distant land that are reincarnated in anticipation of fighting some great evil. It's almost like I'm watching shield hero but instead it starts in a land completely separate from the mainland. Like the point of view is that of the sidequest while the main heroes are off fighting the waves in another country.

    • Plot twist! The guildmaster has an appraising eye that is higher than Kelvin's! He immediately asks him is he from another world. Aww man I would have preferred it better had he been able to keep it a secret and was just some genius summoner.

      Cashel is a noble from a militant nation that doesn't sound good, it feels like that is gonna come back to bite Kelvin. Cashel knows his secret so his status as a summoner is definitely going to become publicly knowledge eventually. Ordinarily I would say the public reveal would happen much later but things seem to be moving pretty fast in this anime so it might very well happen sometime in the next 3 episodes.

      Also can we just call out the food. It looks delicious. I immediately wanted to eat some sandwiches. 

      Efil is the name of the half-elf. I wonder if she's half human or half something else. Lastly, I can't wait to find out why she had a curse put on her and if her unknown parents had anything to do with it.

    • So it took just one episode for the blue slime to transform. I thought it would take a little bit longer then that for the evolution to happen. Apparently it seems to be pretty powerful. It's capable of shooting out some type of energy that looks to be pretty powerful.

      One thing I didn't care for was the change of animation when Kelvin met the the ghost knight. At first it was just the ghost knight drawn like that but then when they actually started fighting the entire fight was drawn using that type of animation. Hopefully that won't be the case moving forward with the ghost knight. I prefer the original animation over that new style.

      I also thought it was interesting when Kelvin was informed that since he brought back evidence that he defeated the ghost knight he's getting a special promotion. While he's walking up the stairs to speak to the head of the guild , the ghost knight mentions adding the girl at the front desk to his harem. Melfina instantly has something to say, she jumps out and says that he's her fiance. Right now its extremely light hearted but it makes you wonder if it will become a serious issue later. Again, I'm still waiting for him to encounter the half-elf again.

      Lastly I enjoyed the ending song to this ep.

    • I'm getting some heavy shield hero vibes from this anime and that's not a bad thing. So far Kelvin (the main protagonist) has somehow convinced the reincarnation goddess to establish a contract with him and he has many of his stats upscaled past those of other people in the summoner class. Not only that, whenever he binds with a new monster, their stats get updated as well. This is making things really easy for him. But its only episode 1 I imagine he's gonna run into some difficulties later on.

      One thing that I'm thinking of so far is that the summoner and Melfina seem to have a good relationship right now. And the current goal is for him to level up as fast as possible so he can summon Melfina and finally see what she looks like. But what happens if he somehow makes Melfina jealous by showing attention to someone else or gets distracted pursuing another quest. She might be able to really make him suffer for that. I sense potential trouble looming in the near future. It's possible that something will develop between him and the half-elf. There is no way that he lets her stay in that cage.

      Also, the blue slime Clotho being his first summoning seems significant. The fact that Clotho grows by eating other slimes, introduces the possibility of some type of future evolution down the road. In fact I feel like its almost guaranteed something happens.

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